Welcome to the Polaris Project website and blog

‘Global warming’ is all over the news these days, mainly because of changes that are happening far away or because of events we fear may happen some time in the future. But in the Arctic, big changes are happening now. The Polaris Project will train undergraduates at five US universities and one Russian university to document and understand these changes.

There are a few reasons you might be here. The most likely is that you are a student at one of the Project’s institutions and you are interested in the field course in the Siberian Arctic. If so, great! Check out this post as well as looking around the rest of the site.

If you stumbled on the website and are interested in information about changes in the Arctic, you might try the International Polar Year website or some other arctic blogs we like here and here. The Polaris Project is just getting rolling and we are looking forward to years of productive science and education.