The Polaris Project Web Site is Live

Well, somehow I didn’t hide underneath the desk fast enough when Max asked how we were going to get a Polaris Project web site up. I thought he was just asking me for things I thought should be on the site. Like a blog, and photo sharing, and a wiki, and a place for students to apply to the field course that uses a database to store the applications and such. Oh, and I thought our site should consume RSS feeds from the IPY blogs.

I told Max that he should get somebody to do this. He displayed the kind of managerial brilliance that I aspire to by somehow convincing me that not only could I make the website, but that it would be easy. Apparently, I’m a sucker because I somehow agreed with him even though I’m a programming hack and have never done web design before (and it shows, I know).

I hope the blog takes off. Max will be contacting all the team members (and students as they are selected) to periodically make posts on the work we are doing and how it relates to the Polaris Project.