Returning Student Applications

As described in an earlier post (Core and Satellites), each returning student or graduate student who participates in the Polaris Project expedition during summer 2013 will be associated with a Satellite research group.  To apply to participate in Polaris 2013 as a Returning Student or Graduate Student, please review the information in the Core and Satellite blog post and send an email (by December 15, 2012) to with the following information:

1.  Which Satellite would you be interested in joining?  You may list more than one if appropriate.  Feel free to contact a faculty member associated with the Satellite you are interested in for more information (Frey, Natali, Spektor, and Spencer are the Lead Faculty for the different Satellites).

2.  What would your research focus be during Polaris 2013?  Please be brief, but describe how your research might fit into the Satellite group of interest.

3.  What are your plans for the future, near-term and long-term?

4.  How would participation in Polaris 2013 help you achieve your near-term and long-term goals?

5. Do you have ideas about potential funding sources that could help offset the costs of your participation in Polaris 2013?  Note:  Returning Students and Graduate Students will be strongly encouraged to seek outside funding to help offset the costs of their participation in Polaris 2013.  

 Applications for Returning Students and Graduate Students are due on December 15, 2012.  If you do not have time to complete the full application by the December 15 deadline, please still submit a brief application expressing your interest and stating when the full application will be submitted.  All Polaris Project alumni are eligible to apply for Returning Student positions.

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