Polaris 2013 Core Group Students

Welcome to the new students who will participate in the 2013 Polaris Project field course and research experience in the Siberian Arctic! We had many excellent applicants, and it was a difficult decision to select this year’s group.

We are excited about the new students who will make up this year’s Core group:

Craig Connolly, Holy Cross College

Casey DeMariso, Clark College

Peter Han, Highline Community College

Kathryn Heard, Western Washington University

Heidi Rodenhizer, Western Washington University

Karin Sather, St. Olaf College

Sarah Shin, Colgate University

Ellen Squires, St. Olaf College

The new students will be joined by John Schade (Associate Professor, St. Olaf College), Andy Bunn (Associate Professor, Western Washington University), Paul Mann (Post-Doctoral Scientist, Woods Hole Research Center), Sue Natali (Assistant Scientist, Woods Hole Research Center), Sarah Ludwig (returning student 2011, 2012, St. Olaf College), and Dr. Hillary Irons (Physician, Massachusetts General Hospital).

We also welcome back 7 returning students and 4 new students who will be conducting research with our four Satellite groups: Lakes/Aquatic, Terrestrial, Permafrost, and River Carbon. Three of these groups will have some overlap with the Core group, so we will have a chance to interact with the larger group and learn more about their research.

In addition, the staff of the Northeast Science Station is an essential component of the Polaris Project.  They include Sergey Zimov, Nikita Zimov, Galya Zimova, Sergey Davidov, and Anna Davidova.

Congratulations to all, and I look forward to another great Polaris summer!