My bags are packed

My bags are packed, and I believe I have not violated any weight restrictions. Seems like a miracle. I am a little nervous, but a lot excited that the day of departure is close. I have been following the activities of the group currently at the Northeast Science Station with great interest, and their observations are reminding me of my affection for the place, the people, and the project. I have done this before in past years, but since I missed the trip in 2012, I am particularly excited to be returning to the scene of many of my fondest memories. I can’t wait to get there, it feels a bit like returning home.

I look forward to meeting the new students and reacquainting myself with old friends. I think I am even ready to see my travel companions from Alaska and China again. I love this part, the beginning of what is likely to be a life-changing month for many of us. We have some plans, but what is exciting for me is the anticipation of the unforeseen joys, the unexpected directions our path will take. Most of the highlights of past trips were not in our plans in the beginning, so we must be flexible and ready to take advantage of new opportunities. I look forward to learning new things from old and new colleagues, maybe providing a bit of perspective from my own experiences, and witnessing the progress we will all make as scientists and human beings.

See you in New York. Or Cherskiy.