These pages contain an archive of the Polaris team’s adventures–traveling more than halfway around the world to the Northeast Science Station, the unique bug-filled environment that is Siberia in summer, and students designing and carrying out their own research.  Multimedia videos tell the stories with a combination of ambient sounds, interviews, still images, and video clips.  Photo galleries present highlights from each of the major research locations.

In 2008, students and faculty documented the maiden Polaris expedition. In 2009, professional science photographer Chris Linder joined the team and produced a series of multimedia videos about the motivation behind the project and each of the student research topics.  He also mentored St. Olaf student Brian Kantor, who produced his own video about wetlands research. During the 2010 field season, Linder and environmental journalism student Max Wilbert worked together to document the expedition, shooting over 40,000 frames collectively.  In 2011, Western Washington University Environmental Journalism student Becky Tachihara documented the Polaris team and produced her own multimedia video.