Methane Madness

Who I Am

I am an aquatic an aquatic ecologist and biogeochemist interested in carbon and nutrient cycling between terrestrial and aquatic systems, the cryosphere and atmosphere.

I am also one of the organizers of the Polaris Project. I have worked in Cherskii since 2000, and have a passion for science in Russia, particularly when it involves methane and fire! To view an example of lighting arctic lake methane on fire, please go to research videos link at my website.

Research Interests

I conduct research on methane and carbon dioxide emissions from arctic and temperate lakes and wetlands. I am interested in processes that govern greenhouse gas emissions from lakes, including thermokarst (permafrost) thaw, modern plant productivity, geology, and landscape scale changes lake area that result in both positive and negative feedbacks to climate change.

My research program uses environmental gradients, isotopes, and remote sensing as powerful tools for understanding basic patterns and processes in lake ecosystems. I use field, laboratory and modeling experiments to address research questions at the ecosystem scale, and environmental gradients and remote sensing to apply these results in a landscape-scale context.