During, before, and after the field course, Polaris students and faculty share their thoughts through journal entries.

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  • Congratulations Polaris Alums!

    Polaris Project students have achieved great research successes through their publications, presentations at national meetings, and awards and fellowships. Just to highlight a few…
  • Mud, muddy, muddiest

    Yesterday we (Elise, Jorien, Sam and, Nikita) went to this amazing site called Duvanni Yar:  cliff several tens of meters high, in which the ice wedges were still visible.
  • Agroecology in China

    Before departing for Cherskiy, the St. Olaf crew got a chance to take a quick trip to China as part of a new collaboration between St. Olaf College and Lanzhou University. The group was able to do some preliminary research in agroecology while learning about science in a cross-cultural context.
  • A walk through the bush

    Fully packed with empty sampling containers, coolers, measuring instruments, GPS and lunch we set out in “the 40” (40 horsepower boat) to drive south on the Kolyma towards the Omolon, a large tributary about 170km from Cherskii. The Kolyma was relatively flat and the 40 took the heavy load of the 5 of us (Nikita, Claire, Sergey Zimov, me and Martin Heimann (MPI, Jena) relatively easily.…
  • An average day in the Arctic

    Some may wonder what our daily activities are here in Cherskiy, Northeast Siberia. Besides the normal breakfast at 9, lunch at 2 and dinner at 9, we spend much of the day in the field, followed by preparing and filtering samples in the lab.…
  • Polaris 2013 Has Begun!

    Polaris 2013 Has Begun!
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    Starting a new adventure!

    It is almost there, the time to leave the Netherlands behind and go to Siberia for a month! Today I got the last research stuff: vacuum air bags, a pump, funnel, and lots of papers to be sure I know what I am going to research.
  • Greetings from Alaska

    Greetings from the Alaskan tundra! The St. Olaf Crew (minus Seth, plus another Ole, Serina Robinson) has had the privilege to start our arctic research experience early at Sue Natali’s field site in Healy, Alaska.
  • Arctic Science in High School Environmental Science Classrooms

    This spring Seth Spawn and I, and another St. Olaf student named Kirsten Maier, created a partnership with two environmental science high school teachers at Harding High School in St. Paul. Our objectives were to bring Arctic science into the classroom and use it as a tool to teach about the carbon cycle and climate change as well as how scientific research is conducted. In addition, we were hoping to learn how to share our research with non-scientists, create meaningful dialogue, and get high schoolers excited about the Arctic.
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    Reading list for 2013 and research goals

    The core faculty (Sue, John, Paul, myself) have worked to come up with a reading list for all the new students that will be travelling to Cherskiy in July. It’s organized around the science themes we  pursue while there and reflects a mix of really big picture ideas – say restoring the mammoth tundra steppe  – to the nitty-gritty details of measuring forests and streams.…
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    Polaris 2013 Terrestrial Satellite group

    A major goal this year on the terrestrial side of things is to quantify all things carbon (and more!) for the watershed of a small stream known as Y4, located a short walk from the Northeast Science Station.
  • Polaris 2013 Aquatic Satellite group

    With a small but international group we will spearhead this summer’s Polaris Project with the first expedition to Cherskiy (June 14 through July 9).
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    Polaris 2013 Permafrost satellite group

    The main topic of our research is investigation of frozen sediments at the lower Kolyma area: its composition, genesis, physical properties and thermal state. We will do a lot of drilling, digging, sampling and a little bit of scientific research afterwards.
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    Polaris 2013 Core Group Students

    Congratulations to the new students who will participate in the 2013 Polaris Project field course and research experience in the Siberian Arctic!
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    The Polaris Project Reunites at the American Geophysical Union fall meeting, 2012

    This December several Polaris Project undergraduate students presented their research at the American Geophysical fall meeting, one of the largest gatherings of Earth scientists.
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