During, before, and after the field course, Polaris students and faculty share their thoughts through journal entries.

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  • Nice Article About Our Upcoming Trip

    Nice article about our upcoming trip to Siberia
  • I broke an escalator

    The permafrost crew is together and up to no good.
  • Behold, the Mighty Y4!

    Yesterday was our second full day of Arctic exploration. We made the trek to the watershed of interest for Polaris this year which includes characteristic hill slopes, a few lakes, and a deep flowing stream.
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    Flyin’ Solo

    Reading the travel posts of my core group friends, both old and soon to be, I fondly remember the anticipation and excitement that grew within our group as we (slowly) approached our dramatic landing in Cherskii. Needless to say, I'm a little nostalgic.
  • Cherskiy At Last

    After a marathon bout of travel, the Core Group is settling in and finally enjoying our first few days in Cherskiy.
  • The most intense color of the sundance occurred at about 12:57 a.m.

    Uh oh…looks like it’s going to be a hot couple of days

    I’m sitting at the table in the common room before breakfast. Usually I’m up before the students but today there were several sitting glumly watching a kettle boil (apparently unaware of the old axiom). It was hot last night and the new students have yet to develop the door-closing discipline that keeps bugs out of their bed rooms.…
  • We made it!

    It’s amazing how easily we take simple things for granted—say, for example, a flat surface to sleep on. Last night, after 68 hours of traveling, there was nothing I wanted more than to crash in my bunk, and that is precisely what I did.
  • The Adventure Begins: An update from Moscow

    Dixie cup of espresso in hand, I am happy to report that the core team made it to the Moscow airport! The first leg of our journey is complete and the 14 core team members are now piled upon a colorful mound of baggage using up what little internet bandwidth the Moscow airport has to offer.
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    It’s all setting in

    About four and a half months ago, a classmate of mine heard about my plans to travel to northeastern Siberia to study Arctic- environmental science. He was planning on writing a piece for a Science Writing Seminar and wished to interview me for his presentation. He was a good buddy of mine, so I was happy to help and was looking forward to the questions he had to ask.
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    The Trick to any Field Session

    Today I began packing my bags and couldn't help but thinking about what I should be expecting when I board the plane next week. 
  • Go West!

    Yesterday, we went west – up the western branch of the Kolyma River. After lunch, Nikita, Jorien and I packed up into the boat, and headed out to sample an area that Polaris had yet to sample.
  • To the Taiga

    Tomorrow, we fly to New York. Now that I've filled a small container of red pepper flakes (to avoid any future “spice hoarding,” that we've been told about) I’m sitting outside, without a bug net, enjoying my last Seattle sunset.
  • My bags are packed

    My bags are packed, and I believe I have not violated any weight restrictions. Seems like a miracle. I am a little nervous, but a lot excited that the day of departure is close. I have been following the activities of the group currently at the Northeast Science Station with great interest, and their observations are reminding me of my affection for the place, the people, and the project.…
  • More boat kilometers..

    After a successfultrip to the Omolon river and a visit to Duvannyi Yar (see the post “mud, muddy, muddiest” by Elise) it was now time to go north. This time we drove the 60 hp boat with comfortable seats in the front and a bright new windshield.…
  • Smooth Sailing Halfway Through

    Today marks our two week anniversary at the Northeast Science Station. With a little more than half our trip completed, we look at the next 10 days with strategic planning to finish our experiments, projects, and sampling trips north and south along the Kolyma River.…
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