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  • Mann et al ASLO 2013

    Mann, P. J., Vonk, J. E., McIntyre, C., Wacker, L., Eglington, T. I., Holmes, R. M., Spencer, R. G. M. 2013. Susceptibility of ancient organic carbon to rapid turnover in arctic streams and rivers. Association of the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana. [download pdf]
  • Mann et al 2013 GBC

    Mann, P. J., R. G. M. Spencer, P. J. Hernes, G. R. Aiken, S. E. Tank, E. Bulygina, K. D. Butler, D. Butman, R. Y. Dyda, J. W. McClelland, B. J. Peterson, P. A. Raymond, J. Six, A. V. Zhulidov, and R. M. Holmes. In review. Composition and flux of arctic river dissolved organic matter. Global Biogeochemical Cycles.
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    Travel Update!

    After seemingly days of travel and delays, we seem to be making headway. The crew have all made Moscow safely and are now slowly saying their long goodbyes before jumping on to different flights to the US.