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  • Borgen et al 2012 AGU

    Borgen, M., Spencer, R. G. M., Mann, P. J., Vonk, J. E., Bulygina, E., Holmes, R. M. 2012. Composition and biolability of dissolved organic matter leached from the dominant endmembers of the Siberian Arctic. American Geophysical Union, fall meeting, San Francisco, California. [download pdf]
  • Reflection

    Walking on to Western Washington University's campus five years ago, I was sure that I was going to be a business major.
  • And now for something completely different

    I’m running an experiment which seeps the organic carbon from different vegetation to determine (in so many words) bacteria's ability to consume that organic material (the lability of the carbon).
  • And we’re off…

    Six days, four flights, two airport meat puffs, and a multiple night layover later we have arrived in Cherskiy.
  • Science Speed Dating

    With the PIs lined up against one wall, the students rotated through the scientific gauntlet and tried to explain what our interests were and listen to the variety of projects being undertook once we arrived in Cherskiy.
  • polaris logo

    If only we could travel west…

    In about 12 hours from now I'll be boarding a plane that will take me to NY, then to Moscow, off to Yakutsk, and finally landing in Cherskiy on Friday. Looking at a globe, it seems like I'll transit over 75% of the planet, which I have to admit is kind of cool in its own right.