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  • East Bound and Down

    Greetings from Внуkово! The first wave of Polaris 2014 (Aaron, Craig, Erika, Heather, Homero, Mike, Sam, and Seth) is indeed East Bound and Down (yes, this is a Smokey and the Bandit reference).
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    Fire on the tundra

    Fire in tundra ecosystems is a relatively rare, though not unheard of occurrence. Here, fires burn a combination of vegetation and peat in the soil, releasing tons of carbon into the atmosphere and leading to a deepening of the seasonally thawed active layer, which may release even more carbon into the atmosphere.
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    Polaris 2013 Terrestrial Satellite group

    A major goal this year on the terrestrial side of things is to quantify all things carbon (and more!) for the watershed of a small stream known as Y4, located a short walk from the Northeast Science Station.
  • packing light

    If it weren’t for all this equipment I’m pretty sure I could fit everything into my carry on. But that would make the trip much less interesting.
  • Making Sandwiches

    It has been nearly one week since our PI’s Scott Goetz and Michelle Mack left Cherskiy, relegating the ‘Affiliated Five’ to ‘The Gang of Three’. Since then Heather, Kami, and I have been working hard to accomplish all the things we need to before leaving in another week.…
  • Bummin’ a ride

    Hi, this is Mike Loranty. Several colleagues and I are heading to Siberia too.  I’m a postdoctoral fellow at the Woods Hole Research Center working with Dr. Scott Goetz. Although not officially affiliated with the Polaris Project, we have become quite familiar with it through Max Holmes.…