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  • To Hell and Back

    This ten-year old burn site isn’t a simple walk through the park. The fire has left the land a subsided obstacle course scattered with wet and dry depressions to fall in and dead trees to trip over. At the end of a field day I leave bruised, tattered, sweaty, and covered in mosquito bites.
  • Stumbling Through the Tundra

    Before I came to the tundra, I imagined it to be a vast, flat landscape. And it is indeed vast, but flat is the last word I would use to describe the tundra. The topography is dynamic, just on a very tiny scale.
  • Skipping Stones in the Forest

    Most scientists follow a path that leads them to becoming an expert in their field —just one aspect of scientific knowledge. Some people spend their time looking at plants while others may dedicate their days finding animal poop. Everyone has different interests and these interests drive scientific discovery. However, sometimes we can become so focused on one topic that we neglect everything else.
  • Beneath My Feet

    I think there is something special about hiking through a canyon and not only being able to appreciate the beauty of the rushing river and intensely sloped rock walls, but also being able to understand how such a striking landscape can arise. Siberia and the tundra are drastically different from the Rockies, and I am looking forward to exploring foreign landscapes and to asking new questions- striving to understand the processes beneath my feet.