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    Polaris 2017 team chosen

    The Polaris Project is thrilled to announce that the 2017 group has been chosen. Our 18-person team includes 11 students (9 undergraduate and 2 graduate) who were selected from a remarkably strong set of applicants. The students come from across the US and its territories, from Alaska to Puerto Rico, and from a great diversity of backgrounds.…
  • Polaris 2017

    The Polaris Project will once again be advancing scientific understanding of the changing Arctic, training the next generation of Arctic scientists, and engaging the public and decision makers using the example of the Arctic to captivate, educate, and inform.
  • Back from the Tundra

    The main Polaris group has returned safely from the tundra. All are now in Cherskiy, where they'll spend their remaining days analyzing samples and working on data.
  • Update from the Tundra – midnight July 11, 2014

    I just got a satellite phone call from Chris Linder. He reported that all is going great at the tundra research site.
  • Krutaya Drisva: 69.3479°N, 161.4630°E

    I got a message from Sue Natali reporting that they had arrived safely at the remote tundra research site and that they were already charging ahead at full steam on their research projects. At 69.3479°N and 161.4630°E, their location truly has to be one of the most remarkable places on earth for anyone to be, without even considering that the Polaris Project expedition includes a bunch of American undergraduate students!
  • To the Tundra…

    The Polaris Project has headed north from Cherskiy to spend ~12 days at a remote tundra field site. The way north is via the Kolyma River - they've headed downriver and stopped a bit short of the Arctic Ocean.
  • All Well in Cherskiy

    The Polaris Project 2014 Expedition in now underway! Everyone made it to Cherskiy without incident and all are now settling in to their new routine.
  • Returning Student Application Instructions

    Applications from Polaris Project alumni to participate in the 2014 Polaris Project Expedition are due January 1, 2014. Complete application instructions can be found here.
  • Mike Loranty and Logan Berner reach shore across a path of logs from the barge.

    Back from Duvannyi Yar – All Well

    The Polaris group has safely returned from their trip to Duvannyi Yar. Details will follow in a few days when the Station again has an internet connection.
  • Returning Student Applications

    Applications for Returning Students and Graduate Students are due December 15.
  • Core and Satellites

    Although the Polaris Project has enjoyed remarkable success in the past, each year we try new things as we strive to continuously improve. The evolution of the Polaris Project will continue in 2013.
  • Why Do I Do This?

    There are many easier things to do in life than to lead a group of 33 people to the Siberian Arctic for a month-long expedition. So why do I do it?
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    Polaris Project Research Symposium

    Students in the Polaris Project are asked to do the impossible: travel more than half way around the world to the Siberian Arctic, design and implement a research project, and less than one month later present the results in a research symposium.
  • Polaris 2012 Launches Tomorrow!

    The grueling 4-day journey to our destination in the Siberian Arctic begins tomorrow. This year we have 33 participants, almost certainly the largest international expedition to the Siberian Arctic ever.
  • Congratulations to Claire Griffin!

    Claire Griffin (Polaris 2009) has just been awarded a prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to support her PhD research on organic matter in large arctic rivers.
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