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  • An AGU Reunion

    While it was great to learn about what's happening in all of these fields, I have to admit that most of the talks that I sought out were about Arctic system science.
  • Breaking Ground

    What started as an faint interest in mosses and lichens resulted in a manipulative experiment set in the rolling hills of the Y4 watershed.
  • Of Mammoths And Men

    A few days ago, we found ourselves in the middle of the Pleistocene during a trip to Duvaniy Yar.
  • Cherskiy At Last

    After a marathon bout of travel, the Core Group is settling in and finally enjoying our first few days in Cherskiy.
  • Agroecology in China

    Before departing for Cherskiy, the St. Olaf crew got a chance to take a quick trip to China as part of a new collaboration between St. Olaf College and Lanzhou University. The group was able to do some preliminary research in agroecology while learning about science in a cross-cultural context.