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  • The Mud-Filled Path to Graduate School

    From the muddy wetlands of the Hudson River in New York to the permafrost-fed streams of the Siberian Arctic, my path to graduate school--has quite literally--included trekking through mud up to my knees.
  • There’s liver in it

    I think of Leana almost like our Russian “mother:” she always makes sure we don’t head out to the field without a lunch, often puts out our favorite snacks for late night lab work, and looks out for us with a watchful eye.
  • CO2 and Spring Weather at Falmouth Academy

    Going back to an earlier blog post, last week I had the chance to visit the 9th grade environmental studies classes at Falmouth Academy to co-teach a lesson and give a presentation about my experiences with the Polaris Project.
  • Mentoring for a student science fair project

    I always enjoy informally talking to students who are interested in studying the environment. I find it very rewarding to share my enthusiasm for environmental science, and make a difference in a student’s education through mentorship.
  • A dual-purpose of AGU

    A mentor once told me that attending conferences such as AGU make for a perfect opportunity to reconnect with colleagues and establish new relationships with students and scientists.
  • Mission Accomplished!

    Well as forecasted, the last few days of Polaris were some hectic ones…but I can happily say…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
  • Colleagues and Friends

    …I knew Polaris 2013 would be something new, but I had no clue what to expect and I don’t think anyone could have predicted what its impacts were going to be…
  • polaris logo

    It’s all setting in

    About four and a half months ago, a classmate of mine heard about my plans to travel to northeastern Siberia to study Arctic- environmental science. He was planning on writing a piece for a Science Writing Seminar and wished to interview me for his presentation. He was a good buddy of mine, so I was happy to help and was looking forward to the questions he had to ask.