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  • Chris and Andy on the radio

    Seattle NPR listeners got a taste of Siberia with their coffee yesterday morning–Andy Bunn woke up at 4am in Cherskiy to talk with KUOW host Marcie Sillman. They were joined in the studio by Polaris Project photographer Chris Linder. Listen to the interview here.…
  • The most intense color of the sundance occurred at about 12:57 a.m.

    Uh oh…looks like it’s going to be a hot couple of days

    I’m sitting at the table in the common room before breakfast. Usually I’m up before the students but today there were several sitting glumly watching a kettle boil (apparently unaware of the old axiom). It was hot last night and the new students have yet to develop the door-closing discipline that keeps bugs out of their bed rooms.…
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    Reading list for 2013 and research goals

    The core faculty (Sue, John, Paul, myself) have worked to come up with a reading list for all the new students that will be travelling to Cherskiy in July. It’s organized around the science themes we  pursue while there and reflects a mix of really big picture ideas – say restoring the mammoth tundra steppe  – to the nitty-gritty details of measuring forests and streams.…
  • On the bus in Moscow

    The plan is to meet up with the rest of the group flying in from other places in Europe and do some quick sightseeing. The students will begin meeting in earnest with the scientists and planning out their projects.
  • US2JFK

    Converging on JFK

    Many of the Polaris members from the United States are converging on JFK right now. A day of waiting (the first of several such days) before the flight to Moscow. 2012 flights to JFK  …
  • Congrats to Ludda!

    Many congratulations to 2011 student Sarah Ludda Ludwig. Ludda won one of this year's prestigious Goldwater scholarships.
  • A lot of 2012 applications

    The 2012 deadline has passed and we received applications for this year’s field course from dozens of different universities. The folks that are going to review these have their work cut out for them – there are some very highly qualified students with compelling stories.…
  • Dallas and Kate in the Denmark Strait

    I just got a nice note from 2010 Polaris student Kate Lewis who was writing from Reykjavik harbor. Kate graduated from WWU and has been working at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute as a Summer Student Fellow. Kate wrote that she had just finished one trip to Iceland with Chris Linder and was waiting for the R/V Knorr to depart on another cruise – this time with writer Dallas Murphy.…
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    Converged in Cherskiy

    We celebrated the fourth of July with a toast to our Russian hosts and all have a solid night of sleep on the barge.
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    Waiting on a plane

    Eastward ho!
  • bugs

    Nikita casually mentioned that the mosquitoes this year are "as severe as they can be."
  • On the way to the hardware store

    I got into the car, turned the key, and the first words that came out of the radio speaker were "Pleistocene Park."
  • 2010 Photos

    After pointless and senseless delay we have updated the photos page with a subset of the 2010 photos by Max and Chris.…
  • Holed up and held up by bad weather

    Hey all, Andy here – stateside. Max Holmes made a sat phone call back to the states. The group is delayed north of Cherskiy by bad weather. They have to wait out the bad weather before making the return trip back from the estuary.…
  • Look right for tweets…

    …while the Polaris Project is traveling they will issue updates via twitter. See the list of tweets on the right side of the main blog page or follow us on twitter @PolarisTweet…
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