All Well in Cherskiy

The Polaris Project 2014 Expedition in now underway!  Everyone made it to Cherskiy without incident and all are now settling in to their new routine.  As is often the case, the internet connection in Cherskiy is spotty, so news from the group may be intermittent.  I’ll try to pass along information frequently if the expedition members can’t.

The current plan (weather dependent) is for the group to travel to Duvannyi Yar Thursday night, and then go to the tundra overnight on July 6.  [Keep in mind that Cherskiy is 16 hours ahead of US East Coast time, and the times given here are Cherskiy time]  The Kolyma River is the “highway” used for travel in this part of the world – upstream by boat from Cherskiy to get to Duvannyi Yar and then downstream from Cherskiy by boat/barge to get to the tundra.


Max Holmes