A lot of progress in a short time

It is very nice to be back at the North East Science Station. After almost a week it is amazing how much our team of students and mentors from the US, Russia, Netherlands, and Britain have accomplished in this short of time. Laboratories have been set up with projects established or in the process of implementation. The students are interested in examining a variety of processes that link directly to climate change. For example, some students are looking at how nutrients added to a stream or lake might alter the processing of carbon, while others are trying to determine how much carbon can truly leach out of this nutrients rich soil. I have the pleasure of working with students from my own University (Nevada) and from Carlton and St. Olaf College. This is truly interdisciplinary and interinstitutional teaching! It seems like year after year our team learns more about this region and contributions to climate change. I am very energized to learn from the students and their views of climate change and the processes in the Arctic contribute to this change. I have been fascinated by their nonstop enthusiasm and curiosities. This might be easy to do considering there is always daylight and our days are counting down before we leave. I am looking forward to the progress we make in the coming weeks and know that all of the components of our work whether biological, chemical, or physical will lead to a better understanding of the processes contributing to climate change in this vastly unique region of the world.

Taking water samples at Tower Lake

Taking water samples at Tower Lake

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  1. July 11, 2010 at 7:47 am, Max Janicek said:

    Heck yea Sudeep! Keep up the hard work out there guys, and enjoy every minute of it.